Monday, July 23, 2007

Kyle Field is RAD

Kyle Field has been releasing sweet soft off-key folk mumbles for the last decade or so under the name Little Wings. His latest project though is his very own label, it's called RAD and will be an imprint of the always excellent Marriage Records (Thanksgiving, YACHT, Viking Moses, Dirty Projectors yadda yadda yadda).
First up on RAD will be the seventh Little Wings long-player Soft Pow'r on September 14th, soon after we'll be treated to the first album by one of Fields side projects The Be Gulls. The album, named By the Beach, sets out to be the perfect blend of The Beatles and The Eagles but dont worry it's nowhere near as horribly shite as that sounds.

Little Wings - Free Bird mp3 taken from Soft Pow'r.

The Be Gulls - Good Again mp3 taken from By the Beach.

Kyle Fields

Marriage Records

- RV.


Crazy Mary said...

It's amazing i've been looking for this music (good again) many many thanks.

i just have to ask you one more thing! do you have the full album : By the beach ? iff you have ...can't give a link to download, or send me...or something like that.

my e-mail is:


it is very much available to buy at on both cd and lp formats! and only $10 each.