Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There Will Be Genius!

There Will Be Blood is the sixth feature by Los Angeles based writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson and is due to hit cinemas later on this year. Fans of the director will be interested to know that this is his first film not to be based on original material. The movie is an adaptation of the novel, Oil, published in 1927 by prolific American author Upton Sinclair Jr and stars The Greatest Living Irish Actor/Intense Nutbag Daniel Day Lewis as a tycoon. Who finds oil. On a ranch. In a town. Brilliant! Anderson's last feature (well not technically, he filled in for Robert Altman who rather inconveniently died before he completed A Prairie Home Companion, but that was a pile of shit) was the "romantic comedy" Punch Drunk Love. A bizarre and complex love story featuring a revelatory central performance by Adam Sandler the movie was well received by critics but preformed poorly at the box office. Personally, I think this is his masterpiece but many viewers will be pleased to learn Anderson has returned to his roots. There Will Be Blood, by all accounts, contains all the familiar aspects of P.T. Anderson's filmaking ie, a large ensemble cast and complex interweaving storylines. If the moody, enigmatic trailer is anything to go by this should be cracker. Any moviegoer worth their salt will check this out when it opens later this year. Boogie Nights was good wasn't it? And the frogs in Magnolia? Savage...