Friday, July 13, 2007

Penny felchers.

We've been having a bonfire out the back of the Team Gimcrack offices. It hasn't been fun but it had to be done. Turns out some of our (ex)favorite acts, ones we thought would stay pure till the end, have allowed their music to be used in TV comercials. It makes me want to puke up my coccyx bone. So its goodbye Apple O', goodbye Sung Tongs, goodbye Sunlandic Twins, goodbye to every album, ep, poster, t-shirt, 7'' and Ltd edition picure disc split 10'' these despicable penny felchers have ever released. It wasn't fun but it had to be done.

Deerhoof - Blue Cash : : Robinsons Grow Ad

Well well well, looks like our once favorite art-pop noise spazz's think that fruit cordials are worth selling their souls for. Juice! fucking fruit juice for 9 year olds! The mind boggles.

Animal Collective - Sweet Road : : Crayola Colour Explosion Ad

What is it with these bands trying to appeal to the under 10's? Most kids are idiots and the ones in this comercial are no exception, check out the one trying to look into the marker, fool. Their drawings are rubbish as well.

Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and Other Games) : : Outback Steakhouse Ad

This has to be the worst of the bunch, this song used to be a majestic rumination on Emanuel Kant-esque thoughts of non-existance. Now its been rewritten to make going to an Austrailian themed steakhouse seem like a good idea. Stupid shitty spa's!

Supposedly theres a new Spar ad doing the rounds with Danielsons 'Did i step on your trumpet' being used to promote a new Egyptian style breakfast roll or something. If anyone can find proof of this please send it to us so we can throw our Sounds Familyre back catalog onto the flaming burnt mess.

- RV

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