Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cass McCombs - Dropping the Writ

Me: Hey have you heard the new Cass McCombs?

My best friend: Yeah we listened to it together remember?

Me: I can't stop listening to it, it's so damn lovely!

My best friend: Yeah me neither, I've heard it just as much as you have and yes it is damn lovely, possibly the loveliest record of the year, but then, I'm mad for the soft rock.

Me: It is very 'soft rock' isn't it? All super shiny guitar parts and echo-laden howls of joy, quite 80's?

My best friend: Quite. Who says 'echo-laden howls of joy' anyway?

Me: I do. I'm a music writer don't you know? Terms like that just force their way out of my mouth, remember I called that cereal this morning 'transcendental' and I said sophomore when talking about my second piece of toast, it's so people know I'm a music writer.

My best friend: Whatever. I've got Cass' first album A but never heard the one between that and this, PREfection. A is really good.

Me: Yes it is, love that song 'Aids in Africa', love the whole album really, so funereal, really makes a virtue out of every song sounding the same, slow as a glacier or some other really slow thing, I might save the glacier analogy for the next Sigur Ros Album. I've not heard Cass' sophomore effort either.

My best friend: I know.

Me: Yeah? Hard man to get any info on, is our Cass, dunno when the albums even coming out. His website just has the words 'Fire in the hole' and nothing else.

My best friend: Yeah I've been there.

Me: We're very similar, you and me. Have you seen those cute kids singing 'Stereo' by Pavement?

My best friend: Yeah I get the popbitch mailout too. You don't really understand it do you?

Me: Understand what?

My best friend: I'm not your best friend, you're writing this all yourself, I'm just a small part of your mental make up.

Me: Huh?

My best friend: For God's sake, you really are a lost cause. I'm the sensible part of you, I think you should stop smoking, get some exercise, return old friend's calls and please please please stop calling yourself a 'music writer' it's embarrassing for all of us, you don't even know what transcendental means!

Me: I don't like this, I'm putting you back in the box with Gay Me and Pro-active Me. Yr a lacerated willyhole.

My best friend: Very mature, You know....

Me: NANANANANANANANANANANANANANAH shit off! I'm listening to Dropping the Writ.

Cass McCombs - Petrified Forest mp3

Cass McCombs - Morning Shadows mp3

- RV & SRV

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