Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Speak The Hungarian Rapper

So a friend hipped me to this You Tube Clip from Hungarian Rap Sensation Tamás Deák aka Speak. From the outset it's hard to tell if this is serious or not, it's one of those things that's so belly slappingly unintentionally hilarious that it's hard to believe it isn't the work of a comic genius.

You'll laugh at the way he says 'check this', you'll laugh when he mentions his 'black brudders', you'll laugh when he says 'yee c'mon', you'll laugh at the chorus and the men singing it, you'll laugh at the word 'business' you'll laugh when you realize he doesn't actually rap (hence the name dummy), you'll laugh at the fact he's holding a gickna pigeon in his hands rather than a dove, you'll laugh.

But seeing as Team Gimcrack are all about the love these day's and the fact that it was the somethingth anniversary of 9/11 43 minutes ago maybe we could all take a leaf out of Speak's book and try to 'live and love each other'. Tomorrow, why not wave at randomers and say hi, children and drunks do this all the time and they seem to be the happiest out of the lot of us.

Stop the War!

Speak Website

- RV.

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