Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Heart Mice Parade.

Hi friend. Are you seeking a purveyor of magical electro-folk guaranteed to make you weep out your pituitary gland? Searching for some dizzying, gorgeous music that would have you beaten bloody for playing in a convent? Well my effeminate chum, it seems that your prayers have been answered. Mice Parade offer up the kind of dreamy, blissful, lo-fi tunefulness that will have you blubbing freely into your wasabe ripened organic double half-caff mochachino. But in a good way.

Signed to FatCat Records, home to among others the peerless Animal Collective and the slightly less fantastic but still really quite charming Múm, Mice Parade is essentially the alter ego of New York based multi-instrumentalist Adam Pierce. Latest album, ingeniously titled Mice Parade, is a strong contender for one of my records of the year. Using plainly strummed acoustic guitars as his foundation, Pierce adds layers of swirling synths, skittering beats and haunting vocals to create a beautiful and intimate collection of songs. I became so enamoured with this album that I quit my job and got a Mice Parade tattoo on my arse. In hindsight this was probably a bad idea.

Anyway, Mice Parade play The Village this Thursday 6th September. I'm going to be there. So will my fellow Gimcracker RV. Will you? Tickets cost €16.50 and are available from WaV Box Office 1890 2000 78.

Mice Parade - The Last Ten Homes mp3

Mice Parade FatCat Profile


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