Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Z-List Irish Celebrity Bebo Wars!

If yr a dickhead like me you probably leaf through someone else's copy of the Evening Herald most days of the week. Well you should have noticed a barely tolerable news story on page 11 of today's edition (Weds 5th), how could you not stop to read an article headlined 'Rosanna's Bebo Pool Pic Holocaust'(well it actually wasn't that, but something similar). Seems like former Missus World and daughter of nanny-bopping Demigod Chris De Blurggh (psyche!- I'm so funny) Rosanna Davison is having a little bit of trouble on her Bebo page.

According to the Herald some nasty bint criticized sweet/smart/charitable Rosanna for wearing make-up in the swimming pool! And then, and then...Oh fucking stick it up yr barse. Shit story, sorry my brains not working this week. She was slagged, she remained reposed and gave a polite yet cutting remark, some supposed celebrity friends (pippa o'connor?, paul byrom?, me neither) and hangers-on weigh in with support and potentially libelous rebuttals, supposed jealous coke head nasty bint takes it back. Whoopdee-shitting-doo. You can read the whole word-swill here but ask yrself, 'Am I really prepared to give up half an hour of my life to read some people I've never met and couldn't even comprehend caring abouts inane blatherings?'

Seriously, I did and I feel atrocious right now. I've spent 45 mins flicking between Bebo and this yoke, sitting in bed getting stoned and eating crackers with hummus and I'm supposed to make fun of these people? It's high time I started letting the love out. Rosanna probably is a really nice, clever person. She does a lot of charity work and has tips for living a greener life on her page, Pippa O'Connor's page is private so i can't have a look but she's more than likely as sound as Jesus, Paul Byrom... actually he does seem like a bit of an absolute blurtch mangler, fuck him.

- RV.

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