Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 Quick Things!

First off, a Trapped in the Closet update: are showing 1 new chapter a day! The run started on Monday so we're already up to Chapter 15. So far highlights include Kelly in a terible old man costume wishing a pigeon would shit on his wife's face and Will Oldham & Principal Blackman from Strangers with Candy playing cops!

go here!

Secondly Comedy Central broadcast their latest celebrity 'roast' on Monday. Following in the footsteps of William Shatner and Pamela Anderson, Public Enemy's Flava Flav took to the throne for some good natured slagging. You can watch each of the 'roasts' here but our favorite has to be Jeffrey Ross (below).

Turdly, as previously reported, Dan Deacon will be bringing his rainbow of noise to Crawdaddy this Friday! Go, dance, sing, sweat, puke.

- RV.

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