Thursday, August 16, 2007

Razorlight To Split? (For Andy B)

Preposterous guffhead Johnny Borrell has denied this week that his piss poor excuse for a band Razorlight are to split. The rumors came after of a rift between Borrell and drummer Andy Burrows led to crisis talks in the band. You really know its time to call it day when even your bandmates reckon you're a tithead of massive proportions. Frankly, the news is a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand we wouldn't have to listen to Razorlight's godawful racket anymore. On the other there is the crushing inevitability that Borrell will inflict more of his whinging claptrap on us with a solo career. Sometimes I think this man embarked on a music career solely to annoy me. Perhaps he and Pete Doherty could patch things up after their spat a couple of years ago and form an indie-twat supergroup. Razorshambles? Babylight? The Utter Waste Of Everyone's Time?


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