Thursday, August 23, 2007

If you only buy one album this week {1}

Angels of Light - We Are Him {Young God Records}

You thought you were in the clear didn't you? You mealy-mouthed prick-hole! Thought you could just fanny about listening to Suburban Kids with Biblical Names and P:ano clapping yr hands, dancing like a girl never even considering the consequences! 'It's grand' you said 'Michael Gira's mellowed out since disbanding Swans, no more raping of slaves no more public castration. These days everything is good here yeah? NO!

After six albums as Angels of Light 54 year old Michael Gira has gone and gotten angry again. His tryannical voice has always given his songs a chilling darkness but more often than not it has been obscured by the shafts of light eminating from his beautiful acoustic arrangements and allmost too sweet melodies - like a cute kid smiling as they slowly saw through yr shin.
Throughout most of We Are Him the music sounds more like an army of sub-human rape spawn tearing yr body limb from limb, maniacly cackling, blood on their teeth.

Akron/Family once again act as backing band but the album features a fairly huge cast including mystical dominatrix Larkin Grimm and ex & current members of Swans / Ministry / REM / Alice Donut / Antony & The Johnsons / Cop Shoot Cop... the list goes on.
Violent, evil, dark but also tender at times and full of heart We Are Him is Angels of Lights most electrifying and absorbing album to date. Let those cyclical riffs crush yr bones to dust.

Black River Song mp3 {the opening evilness}

The Man We Left Behind mp3 {the softer stuff}

Angels of Light myspace
Young God Records

We are him is released on Friday 24th Sept.

- RV.

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